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 Our Story

Just Meats has been a staple of the Chillicothe community for over 40 years, offering custom processing, retail, and wholesale products to the surrounding community.

In the fall of 2020, Just Meats was purchased by Nate Ewing and Ryan Skeens. These two families have the goal of continuing the Just Meats legacy and expanding the retail and wholesale business to better serve their community. In addition to traditional retail and wholesale beef available through Just Meats, you can buy local freezer beef that comes from producers like the Ewing and Skeens Family.

Our Family

Nate Ewing and Jenny Renner farm and run cattle outside of Waverly, Ohio where they raise their two kids, Shelby and Gibby. Through their involvement in the community and surrounding areas, you know that this family ensures they are offering quality products at fair prices.

Ryan Skeens raises cattle and hogs in southern Ohio. When Ryan isn't at home, you will find him in the meat shop making sure things run smoothly and ensuring that you get a product you can enjoy.

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